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Release Notes


  • Export clips as audio files
  • Export project as Ableton Live Set
  • Quantised recording
  • Option to start recording when playing a note
  • Improved compatibility with AUv3 plugins
  • When importing a MIDI file, CC messages are now correctly imported


  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI Plugins
  • Import / Export MIDI
  • Global Undo
  • Track MIDI Input and Output
  • Route MIDI from a track to another
  • Record output from MIDI plugins
  • Record MIDI from plugins’ interface
  • Virtual midi input and output
  • Full MPE Support
  • Bypass audio effects and midi plugins
  • Mini clip-strip on top of plugins view
  • Fullscreen plugins with transport and clip-strip
  • Copy and paste inside editor
  • Overdub
  • Legato
  • Quick clip edit actions on long press
  • On-screen keyboard improvements
    • show root note
    • velocity (range adjustable in Settings)
  • Allow multiple armed clips


  • improved compatibility with plugins
  • fixed BPM sync for effects
  • improved preferred sample rate and buffer size
  • fixed stuck notes when editing
  • fixed audio when adding or removing effects on certain plugins (for example drum machines)
  • show playhead on recording clips



  • Enabled Bluetooth audio devices
  • Output audio device selector
  • Show bpm on the toolbar of the main screen, tapping it will open the tempo and metronome settings
  • Added option to disable snapping to grid
  • Buttons for transposing and moving notes


  • Fixed clips sometimes not opening
  • Fixed crash opening a project with certain plugins


  • Improved dragging and extending notes
  • MIDI controller mapping shows a little info for some non-straightforward commands
  • Moved MIDI commands for parameters to own section